Rapid Legionella qPCR Testing

EcoDiagnostics, a water testing Perth laboratory, is the first laboratory in Australia to have achieved NATA accreditation for Legionella detection using real-time PCR (qPCR). This allows us to provide a much more efficient turnaround for Legionella samples without compromising sensitivity at a cost comparable to traditional microbiological plating. Our service is used to support the mandatory testing of water systems such as industrial cooling facilities and water systems in commercial vessels or download our brochure.

Bacterial Water Testing

Our water testing Perth laboratory can test for a wide range of bacteria in water  using both DNA best methods (eg qPCR to determine total levels of bacteria) and traditional microbiological  plating.

DNA-based Biological Contaminant Profiling

Using the latest in DNA-based technology EcoDiagnostics can simultaneously profile the complete suite of biological contaminant organisms within a water   sample. This includes detecting organisms that may not be readily culturable on selective growth media. This testing helps ensure healthy water  and to understand the efficacy of cleaning regimes and their impact on water quality. Please download our brochure.

Swimming Pool, Spa, Flotation Tank  and Hydrotherapy Pool Testing

We offer a comprehensive range of biological testing solutions for aquatic facilities that meet the requirements of the Government of Western Australia’s “Guidelines for the Microbial assessment of Water “. This includes capacity to test for and specifically identify the presence of E.coli, thermophilic amoebae, thermophilic Naegleria, Naegleri Fowleri and Pseudomonas spp as well as performing general Heterotrophic Plate Counts (HPC) for measurement of overall bacterial water quality. Please download our brochure.

Rapid Cyanobacteria Testing

Phytoxigene™ CyanoDTec Total Cyanobacteria is a molecular test based on quantitative Real Time PCR. The assay detects and quantifies the presence of Cyanobacteria, blue green algae, and their toxin producing genes from aquatic environment samples. Not all Cyanobacteria species produce toxins; therefore the presence of an algal bloom does not immediately defer a risk of toxins being present. The Phytoxigene test quantitates both the amount of overall Cyanobacteria present in a sample along with the number of genes that are responsible for the production of the toxins.

Custom Testing Services

EcoDiagnostics, a water testing Perth laboratory, prides itself in being able to provide a fast, efficient and responsive service tailored to meet our clients requirements in the biological testing space. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Phytoxigene™ CyanoDTec Total Cyanobacteria is the molecular biology test based on PCR. This Water Quality Test detects the existence of toxic genes, found within Cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) in the aquatic water samples. Do all species of Cyanobacteria produce toxins, well no, some Cyanobacteria species don’t. Therefore, the existence of an algal boom doesn’t mean toxins are present and just because you can’t see a bloom don’t mean toxins in the water. The Bacterial Water Testing Perth Western Australia not only identifies the quantity of Cyanobacteria present in the aquatic sample but also detect genes which are highly responsible for toxins production.