Dr Mark Castalanelli: Director In-2C-89px-TM

Mark is a co-founder of EcoDiagnostics. Mark has a BSc in Molecular Biology and Forensic Toxicology (Murdoch University), Honours (2A) in Molecular Genetics (Murdoch University) and a PhD in Molecular Systematics (Curtin University).

Mark has over ten years’ experience in the commercial laboratory testing sector, and has a strong interest in technological development. Mark applies these technological developments to laboratory testing and to his hobby of grain beer production.

Prior to establishing EcoDiagnostics, Mark worked for the Western Australian Department of Agriculture and the Western Australian Museum, developing and delivering molecular diagnostic tools for biosecurity and ecological surveillance.

Jason Ledger: Director In-2C-89px-TM

Jason is a co-founder of EcoDiagnostics. Jason has a BSc in Molecular Biology and Biomedical Science (Murdoch University), First Class Honours in Molecular Genetics (Murdoch University), MBA (Curtin University) and a Graduate certificate in Technology Commercialisation (University of Western Australia).

Jason is an experienced molecular biologist, who gained a successful academic career with the University of Western Australia. Jason designed and delivered molecular genetic diagnostics for the ecological and biosecurity analysis of aquatic ecosystems, whilst also conducting metagenomics profiling of rumen microbial ecosystems.

Jason also bring considerable experience from the Agrifood sector.

Dr Rhys Cransberg: Molecular Section Manager 

Rhys has a BSc in Molecular Biotechnology (Curtin University), First Class Honours in Molecular Biotechnology (Curtin University), Graduate Certificate in Research Commercialisation (Curtin University) and a PhD in Molecular Biology/Bioinformatics (Curtin University).

As the Molecular Section Manager, Rhys manages and conducts molecular testing and is involved in the new assay design and optimisation. Rhys has a broad molecular biology background, and has extensive experience in qPCR, various DNA extraction technique, handling robots and next generation sequencing.

Rhys started with EcoDiagnostics in January 2017 and has over ten years’ molecular biology experience working in various laboratories, as well as a range of experience as a sessional academic. When away from the Lab, Rhys is also a keen sportsman.

Hannah Ashbil: Molecular Diagnostics Assistant 

Hannah has a BSc majoring in Microbiology and Immunology (University of Western Australia) and a MSc in Clinical Pathology (University of Western Australia).

As a Molecular Diagnostics Assistant, Hannah conducts molecular and endotoxin testing, and is involved in the new assay design and optimisation. Hannah is skilled in qPCR, DNA extraction techniques and has experience in testing for pathogens in aquatic species and food fraud testing.

Hannah has been with EcoDiagnostics since 2017, and enjoys drawing and painting in her spare time. 

Samantha Squerzanti: Microbiology Supervisor 

Samantha has a BSc in Biology (University of Ferrara, Italy) and an MSc in Biology (University of Ferrara). Samantha’s Masters thesis was titled “Effects of the parasite Ergasillus sieboldi on farmed sea breams (Sparus aurata)”.

As a Microbiology Supervisor, Samantha deals with allergen testing, Endotoxin (toxicology) testing and ELISA testing. Samantha has over ten years’ molecular, microbiological and histological experience working both in the private sector in Italy and for the University of Ferrara.

Samantha has been with EcoDiagnostics since early 2016, and enjoys photography as a hobby.