Ingredient Verification and DNA-based Species ID

EcoDiagnostics is an Perth based accredited laboratory (NATA; ISO 17025) for the identification of animal and plant species that make up food products using highly sensitive and accurate DNA-based ‘barcoding’. Be it seafood, herbs and spices, plant material or meat products we can provide a fast and efficient Allergy Testing service to verify your supply chain and increase consumer confidence in your end product or service. Our main customers include contract catering companies, large supermarket chains and seafood and meat suppliers. Please contact us to discuss your testing requirements. We have also supported food producers to identify the remains of pest organisms found in food processing environments to help improve future food security.

Allergen Testing

We are currently finalising our NATA accreditation for ELISA testing of food products for a wide range of common allergens that must be tested for under the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code to support claims of allergen-freedom of food and beverages.  Our accreditation scope will cover:

  • Gluten
  • Egg
  • Milk
  • Sesame
  • Soy
  • Peanut
  • Almond
  • Hazelnut

We offer a fast and efficient turnaround for allergen testing here in Western Australia at a competitive price. We are able to offer a wide range of tests for additional allergens on request.

Spoilage and Pathogen Testing

Our food testing perth laboratory holds NATA accreditation for the detection and characterisation of the principal bacterial species responsible for food spoilage that are of concern to human health. These include Salmonella spp, Listeria spp, E.coli and Campylobacter spp. We can offer both traditional microbiological plating and rapid and highly specific DNA-based real-time PCR testing of food products. We, Allergen Testing Perth Western Australia can also identify the presence of these organisms in production environments and support implementation of swab testing programs.

Shelf-life Testing

Our food testing perth laboratory can support determination and verification of shelf life for new and existing products using a tailored scientific approach designed to ensure product safety.

DNA-based Biological Contaminant Profiling

Using the latest in DNA-based technology EcoDiagnostics can simultaneously profile the complete suite of biological contaminant organisms within a sample. This includes organisms that may not be readily culturable on selective growth media. This testing is applicable both to food products but also to food processing environments to ensure a truly clean environment and to understand the efficacy of cleaning regimes and their impact on microbiological environments. This type of testing is particularly suited to help resolving ongoing contamination issues and to identify particular problematic organisms in a facility that can then be targeted by a bespoke testing regime.

Import/Export Testing

Our food testing perth laboratory is able to support the requirements for food product import and export both into and out of Australia. Our laboratory network holds quarantine approved premise (QAP) certification and testing can be undertaken using rapid DNA based methods (qPCR) or microbiological plating. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Custom Testing Services

EcoDiagnostics, food testing perth laboratory, prides itself in being able to provide a fast, efficient and responsive service tailored to meet our clients requirements in the biological testing space. Please contact us to discuss your testing requirements.