DNA-based Species Identification

EcoDiagnostics, testing laboratory, holds NATA accreditation for the identification of both terrestrial and marine invasive species using DNA. We are able to identify species from only a small amount of tissue from virtually any organism. Our work to date has included the identification of suspected marine pest species on vessels and the identification of organisms to support base-line ecological studies associated with major resource and development projects or download our brochure.

DNA-based Multi-Species Identification of Biological Communities

In addition to being able to identify individual organisms based on small amounts of DNA we can also identify the makeup of whole communities of organisms simultaneously  based on analysis of their DNA.  This process involves generating millions of sequences simultaneously from a sample, characterising their individual DNA sequences and comparing these sequencing against vast databases. This Custom DNA Testing Services, known as DNA-metabarcoding has countless applications. Some examples include the detection of species present in an environment (e.g. by detection of DNA shed by marine organisms into the water column, detection of species present in an environment by DNA Testing Services Perth Western Australia in the faeces of higher predators or the characterisation of species present in traps designed to monitor for pest species) or download our brochure.

Custom Testing Services

EcoDiagnostics prides itself in being able to provide a fast, efficient and responsive service tailored to meet our clients requirements in the biological testing space. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.