July 14, 2017
Allergen Accreditation Now Here

EcoDiagnostics, a Perth based Laboratory, is please to annouce our new NATA Accreditation within the class Pharmacological and biochemical tests on foods, stockfoods and their additives for allegerns. Current NATA Scope Accreditation No: 19290 EcoDiagnostics Pty Ltd www.ecodiagnostics.com.au Contact: Mr J Ledger Phone: 0417 938 067 Email: Address: 147 Underwood Avenue, FLOREAT WA 6014 Facilities: […]

June 14, 2017
Rapid Cyanobacteria Testing and Toxin Testing

Phytoxigeneâ„¢ CyanoDTec Total Cyanobacteria is a molecular test based on quantitative Real Time PCR. The assay detects and quantifies the presence of Cyanobacteria, blue green algae, and their toxin producing genes from aquatic environment samples. Not all Cyanobacteria species produce toxins; therefore the presence of an algal bloom does not immediately defer a risk of […]