Beer Spoilage

Our laboratory provides microbiological support services to the major brewers in Western Australia. We have developed a customised DNA-based approach to the routine detection of beer spoilage organism that can provide the specific results you need within 24h. We also offer traditional microbiological plating for common beer spoilage organisms.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements or download our brochure.

Beer Allergen Testing (Gluten)

EcoDiagnostics state-of-the-art laboratory holds accreditation for allergen testing including gluten. We can also test gluten-free beer products and  provide a fast, efficient and local service here in Western Australia.

Wine Spoilage

We offer services to test grape juice and wine for the presence of spoilage organisms using both microbiological plating and the latest in DNA-based detection technology to detect organisms such as Brettanomyces spp. Please download our brochure.

Wine Allergen Testing (Egg & Caesin)

The export of wine to the European Union requires allergen testing for both Egg and Caesin. Please contact our allergen experts to discuss the requirements for your export testing requirements and to obtain further information. Please download our brochure

Soft Drink and Natural Juice Testing

We offer services to test non-alcoholic beverage and fruit juices for the presence of spoilage organisms using both microbiological plating and the latest in DNA-based detection technology.

DNA-based Biological Contaminant Profiling

Using the latest in DNA-based technology EcoDiagnostics can simultaneously profile the complete suite of biological contaminant organisms within a sample. This includes organisms that may not be readily culturable on selective growth media. This testing is applicable both to beverage products but also to processing environments to ensure a truly clean environment and to understand the efficacy of cleaning regimes and their impact on microbiological environments. This type of testing is particularly suited to help resolving ongoing contamination issues and to identify particular problematic organisms in a facility that can then be targeted by a bespoke testing regime or download our brochure.

Custom Testing Services

EcoDiagnostics prides itself in being able to provide a fast, efficient and responsive service tailored to meet our clients requirements in the biological testing space. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.