Yeast, Mould and Bacterial Detection and Identification

EcoDiagnostics offers a comprehensive yeast, mould and bacterial identification service using fast and accurate DNA-based typing.  This service is utilised by building facilities maintenance and management companies to ensure both  safe environments and building integrity or download our brochure.

Clean Air Testing

Our Air Quality Testing service provides verification of clean-air environments such as operating theatres and industrial clean-rooms. We can provide all the materials necessary for air sampling and a rapid turnaround of results or download our brochure.

DNA-based Biological Contaminant Profiling

Using the latest in DNA-based technology EcoDiagnostics can simultaneously profile the complete suite of biological contaminant organisms within an air  sample. This includes detecting organisms that may not be readily culturable on selective growth media. Air Testing Perth helps ensure a truly clean environment and to understand the efficacy of cleaning regimes and their impact on air quality or download our brochure.

Custom Testing Services

EcoDiagnostics prides itself in being able to provide a fast, efficient and responsive service tailored to meet our clients requirements in the biological testing space. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.